Father Morton A. Hill
Father Morton A. Hill, S.J.

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Hill Society

Father Morton A. Hill, S.J. was one of the founders of our organization in 1962. During the years Father Hill served as president the organization grew from a local community effort seeking to protect children from pornography to a national organization raising awareness about the harms pornography has on the individual and the society at large. Father Hill coordinated letter writing campaigns to the White House with over 140,000 concerned individuals participating, garnered more than 100,000 signatures on a petition to the Federal Communications Commission, wrote legal recommendations in the Hill-Link Minority Report of the Presidential Commission on Obscenity and Pornography (1970) that was overwhelmingly accepted by the U.S. Congress, and met with President Regan. He did all of this and so much more to turn the tide of sexual exploitation in our communities.

For over 50 years, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation has had deep roots in opposing sexual exploitation through policy and advocacy and defending human dignity through education and collaboration. In his final letter to his staff before his death, Father Hill wrote, “The seeds are growing. They have to. Our children, whose tender minds are like sponges, deserve the best. They are getting the worst.”

After Father Hill’s death in 1985, the next president of our organization wrote, “Father Hill has passed the baton to us, trusting us to continue the race and win the fight…We may not and will not abandon a race so well begun.”

The Hill Society acknowledges our supporters who have taken the baton from Father Hill to continue creating a world free from sexual exploitation. It recognizes and honors those who have made arrangements for the National Center on Sexual Exploitation in their wills. If you have included a bequest to NCOSE, please let us know so that we can personally thank you and welcome you into the Hill Society. If you are considering a bequest to the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, the Hill Society is a resource for you during this process. Please feel free to contact us if you have or are considering including the National Center on Sexual Exploitation as part of your legacy.