Real Estate

Donating appreciated real estate, such as a home, vacation property, undeveloped land, farmland, ranch or commercial property can make a great gift to National Center on Sexual Exploitation.

About This Gift

You can give a gift of your vacation home, commercial property, or undeveloped land to National Center on Sexual Exploitation. These properties can be donated towards our cause as an outright gift or can be used to fund a gift that pays you a lifetime of income.

How It Works

1. You will need to obtain a philanthropy title report and an independent review.

2. We will arrange for property inspection and an environmental checklist.

3. The IRS requires an independent appraisal to establish the fair market value of the property. We can assist you in following the IRS procedures.


· You may apply the deduction for up to 30 percent of your adjusted gross income, and carry it forward for up to five additional years.

· You are freed from paying real estate taxes, maintenance costs, insurance, and capital gains taxes on the property’s appreciation.

· You also remove the asset from your taxable estate.

To review your gift possibility and evaluate the condition and marketability of the property call 480-340-8691 or email [email protected].

Contact Us

We are here to help! If you want to learn more about how to get started and maximize your gift, contact us today, and someone from our team will connect with you. 

Will or Trust

Your will gives you peace of mind knowing that loved ones are taken care of, your assets are distributed accurately, and that your gift to the National Center on Sexual Exploitation reflects your personal values.

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Life Insurance

If you want to keep your current policy but make a future gift, you can leverage your policy by simply naming the National Center on Sexual Exploitation as a beneficiary of your policy.

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Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds

Maximize your monetary gain by funding a charitable gift with donated appreciated stock, mutual funds, or bonds. This is a tax savvy way to help benefit the world in future years to come.

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Charitable Gift Annuities

If you’re looking for a way to maintain your current lifestyle, increase your financial security, and lower your taxes, consider creating a charitable gift annuity.

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Charitable Remainder Unitrust

The value of the assets you use to fund your charitable remainder unitrust will determine the income payment percentage that you or your beneficiary will receive annually for making the gift.

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Charitable Lead Trust

With a charitable lead trust, you can donate to the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, and then pass your assets to your heirs at reduced tax rates.

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Qualified Charitable Distribution

Also commonly known as an IRA Charitable Rollover gift. Donors age 70 ½ and older may direct lifetime distributions from their traditional or Roth IRA to the National Center on Sexual Exploitation.

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